Module 7

In this module, we are going to model a real life business dynamic. It is about an airline company, People Express.
Donwload the Case Study 6- People Express
Watch the video- People Express Part One-Success

People express success

Answer the question 1 from case study 6.
Watch the Lecture 16, my solution to case study 6.

Lecture 16

Watch the following videos, from youtube, they describe the troubles that People Express faced.
The first one talk about the troubles.

People Express Troubles

The second shows  when company begun to collapse

People express failing

The third one is about a discussion of the problem, by two experts

People express failing discussion

After watching these 3 videos, come back to the case study, answer questions 2 and 3 and create your model.
You can compare your solution to mine (lecture 17)

Lecture 17